Some of the 2019 California Comic Convention Some of our Raffle items are below.

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not all items listed will be rafflled and additional items not listed will be raffled!

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Spectacular spiderman#192

Spectacular Spiderman #192 CGC 9.6

Marges Little Lulu #142 Spanish page

Thor # 174 CGC 9.0

NYX Original Sketch

Tales of Suspense #85 CGC 8.5

Street Fighters #1 CGC 9.8

Sad Sad Sack page

Plop #3 CGC 9.6

Superboy & friends drawing by M. Wong

Avengers #239 CGC 9.8

Conan the Barbarian
#273 CGC 9.6

Foxy & Jack original art page

Amazing Spider-man #263 PGX 9.8

World Around Us "Pirates" original art page

Inhumans #8 PGX 9.8

Betty & Veronica original art page

Daredevil #181 PGX 9.6

Kid Colt #62 CBCS 6.0 From John Severin Collection

original art pages
by Mike Vosburg

Our fighting Forces
#135 CGC 9.4

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holders only.


Batman #357 PGX 9.2

winner: 2019325

Other items donated to be raffled.

Star Wars #1 PGX 9.6 second printing

Ron Wilson original Sketch

Captain America #160 CGC 9.0

Strip art - Tubby eats Mince Pie

Woody Woodpecker & Walrus original art

Strange Tales #101 PGX 4.0

Defenders od Dynatron original art page

Conan Sketch by Sal Bucema

not all items listed on this page will necessarily be in the raffle- items can be added or changed prior to the show.