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California Comic Convention

in Orange County

at the Yorba Linda Community Center 4501 Casa Loma Ave. Yorba Linda  CA 92886

our next show will be on 26 January 2014, Show hours are 9:30 am to 5 pm 

Special guests for the 2014 CalComicCon

will be: Tim Truman and Mark Nelson

We have also juat added Mark Verheiden to our guest list!

     For more information goto: HyperLink


   Special offer online ticket offer will end a 3pm on Saturday the 25th.


                      Why should you go to CalComicCon?/ see YouTube video


                     How is CalComicCon different fron San Diego ComicCon/ see YouTube video


CalComicCon is pleased to announce that the Ayers Suites -Yorba Linda

is now the official Convention hotel.

Call and ask for the CalComicCon rate of $94 per night.