Some of the 2018 California Comic Convention Some of our Raffle items are below.

see the Raffle Schedule for 2018 .

not all items listed will be rafflled and additional items not listed will be raffled!

artist page is place holder for page Artists will do.

Incredible Hulk #173 CGC 9.4

Marges Little Lulu #142 Spanish page

X-men #149 CGC 9.4

Bill Morrison Original Sketch

Thunder Agents #11CGC  8.5   

Flash The Fastest Man Alive    #1 CGC  9.8

Sad Sack Laugh Special       Issue #72 original

Nova #17 PGX 9.6

Original art Psi Force #13

Albedo #3 CBCS 8.5

Spider-man #1 CGC 9.8

Original Art Strikeforce             #2 pg 21

Uncanny X-Men #158 CGC 9.6

Paul Gulacy original art    Squadron Supreme

X-Men #378 PGX 9.8


Tim Truman original art  - Hawken

Spectacular Spider_Man #122 CGC 9.6

Tales to Astonish    #97       CGC 9.0

Keith Pollard Original Sketch

Justice_League #1 PGX 9.2

Advance purchase

online ticket

holders only.


Shazam #1 PGX 9.6

Other Items donated by dealers will also be Raffled  at show

New Mutants #1 CGC  9.4

Mike Royer  Original Sketch

Web of Spider-Man #1 CGC 9.2

Original Art page - Warp #17

            Kids only Raffle                    Russ Heath - Thunder  Artwork   

Marvel Premiere #48 CBCS 9.8

Original art page -  Sun Runners

Spider-Girl Original artwork

not all items listed on this page will necessarily be in the raffle- items can be added or changed prior to the show.