Some of the 2014 California Comic Convention Some of our Raffle items are below.

You do not have to be there to win some items.

not all items listed will be rafflled and additional items not listed will be raffled!

artist page is place holder for page Artists will do.

Tomb of Dracula #69

CGC 9.4 claimed

Original artwork

Little Lulu in spanish claimed

X-men Annual #14

CGC 9.6 -claimed

Rudy Nebres

Original sketch - 399069

Our fighting Forces #141

CGC 9.2 -claimed

Where Creatures Room #5

CGC 8.5 -claimed

Bill Morrison original

Kang & Kodos Sketch -claimed

Micronauts #6

PGX 9.6 -claimed

Tin Truman original

Artwork - Creepy Page -claimed

Fantastic Four #158

CGC 9.4 -claimed

Kickers #10 pg 24

original artwork -claimed

House of Mystery #257 pg 4

Original artwork -claimed

Mori Tori #2 pg 8

original comic art -claimed

original artwork

Warp issue 11 page 9 -claimed


Spectacular Spiderman #3

CGC 9.6 high grade -claimed

Hypernaturals #3

CGC 9.8 -claimed

Val Mayerick

Conan ruff sketch -claimed

Sad Sack Goes Home

CGC 3.0 -claimed

Fantastic Four #16

page 20 original art -claimed

Captain Marvel Jr. #112

CGC 5.0 -claimed

Advance purchase

online ticket

holders only.


X-Men #157

CGC 9.8 -claimed



Whiz Comics #85

CGC 7.0 -claimed

Alex Nino

original artwork -claimed

Tim Truman original art

Cover to Hawken #1 -claimed

Mark Nelson 

original Alien sketch -claimed

Kids only Raffle

Howdy Doody original -claimed

Kids only Raffle

Grim Jack #1 -claimed

Starter set

4 issues of Aliens


original artwork

Warp issue 12 page 9 -claimed

not all items listed on this page will necessarily be in the raffle- items can be added or changed prior to the show.
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